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About us

Making sense of financial planning is easier than you think.

At PMGI Financial, we take the fear out of the “how” of financial planning and put it in the “what if something happens” that characterize life’s uncertainties. We believe that you can buy peace of mind and build a valuable nest egg with careful financial planning.

PMGI is a comprehensive insurance and investment firm that offers a wide range of life insurance and investment products. We strive to help clients take important financial decisions at every stage of life and stay financially independent.

PMGI is a reliable, independent advisor to its clients. We have the credibility and operational edge to be unbiased, which allows us to place our clients’ interests first.

At PMGI, we understand that every one of our clients has a specific financial goal — it encompasses unique needs, a distinct investment history, a defined tendency to save, and a varying threshold to investment risks. We make it our business to be fully informed about our clients’ needs, while closely following products and industry trends.

PMGI firmly believes that one size doesn’t fit all. Every recommendation that we offer fits into a customized plan that is outlined at the beginning of a relationship. We follow a highly analytical and solution-driven approach to suit the individual needs of our clients.

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